What is a Joint Land Use Study?

The Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a cooperative planning effort between Fort Leonard Wood and the communities of the region to examine both the way that the installation operates and the way that nearby communities are growing. The study’s purpose is to ensure the military training missions can continue without degrading the public health, safety, and welfare of surrounding communities, while ensuring that local economic development continues to prosper.

Why is the JLUS Important?

The military is undergoing an important transformation to face today’s new mission and training. The JLUS helps to support this transformation by ensuring that new growth in the community does not interfere with the ability to carry out the military training mission, and that the regional economy continues to prosper.

What does a JLUS do?

  • The JLUS promotes compatible land use to help protect the military training mission of Fort Leonard Wood.
  • The JLUS helps foster communication, cooperation, and good will between the civilian population and the military -- instead of regulatory authority.
  • The JLUS also can help ensure the training mission is sustained and continues to grow.